m2 200i Plasma Cutting Systems

m2 200i Plasma Cutting Systems

ESAB m2 200i
Easy-to-use, 200 amp mechanized plasma system for production cutting of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Manual Gas Control allows plasma and secondary gas pressures to be precisely controlled at the power supply with individual regulators. Plasma gas can either be Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, or Argon- Hydrogen (manual change required).

Lower Cost per Part
High cutting speeds and cut quality with minimal dross, reduced warping and a small heat-affected zone results in fewer secondary operations further reducing the overall costs of production. Use air plasma gas for the lowest possible cost per part, choose oxygen or nitrogen when the application demands higher cut quality.

Superior Reliability
A full 100 percent duty cycle enables the system to handle the most demanding production requirements with the highest reliability. The SpeedLok design of the m2 200i torch provides the fastest consumable change in the industry and concentricity for repetitive cut quality.

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