SUPER OPTIMAL 308L-15 (Copy)

SUPER OPTIMAL 308L-15 (Copy)


  • Self-lifting slag.
  • Easy Strike and Re strike.
  • 7 layer packing with VAC pack.
  • Spatter free smooth weld deposits
  • Suitable to both AC / DC power sources
  • 2.5mm Dia excellent for thin sheet welding
  • No red hot tendency, perfect full length welding.
  • Contact type – low heat input. Long life joints with minimised dilution & HAZ.

For Plastic Tube pack, the outer pack weight will be same as vac & normal pack

For lbs packing :- 2kg :- 5 Lbs, and 5Kg :- 10Lbs, 10kg :- 20Lbs, 20kg :- 40Lbs

For 2kg = 2×5=10kg

For 5kg = 5×4=20kg

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