For Plastic Tube pack, the outer pack weight will be same as vac & normal pack

For lbs packing :- 2kg :- 5 Lbs, and 5Kg :- 10Lbs, 10kg :- 20Lbs, 20kg :- 40Lbs

For 2kg = 2×5=10kg

For 5kg = 5×4=20kg

Super Inox 385 – Description and Application :

Rutile-basic coated electrode for welding fully austenitic highly corrosion resistant stainless steels (904L, B6). Good weldability in all positions, except vertical down, stable arc, good slag removal, regular finely rippled weld beads. Due to its alloy composition, high Mo-content and Cu, the weld metal is suited against attacks by phosphoric and sulphuric acids, it shows a high resistance against pitting and stress corrosion in chloride containing media. It is used at operation temperature up to 400°C. Special applications are : Pulp and paper industry, transport containers, installations of the chemical industry.

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